Agawin, Ike & Trudy

Projects: Home Office Staff | EFCP Ministry Partnership

Several positions at the Home Office are required to raise partial support for their roles. All of these positions are at a Director or Manager level; working both with International Missions and the National ministries. Join their support team and receive regular updates by donating below!

Little, Dale & Ann

Project: Tokyo Multicultural Church | EFCP Ministry Partnership

TMC is a church that celebrates the cultural diversity of the world’s largest mega-city by worshiping and obeying Jesus in a warm and welcoming multicultural setting. Their desire is to eventually have multiple language-specific departments (English, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin and/or Cantonese), Tagalog, Portuguese, etc.). Both short and long-term workers are welcomed to work with TMC as they reach out to the many nations represented in Tokyo.