Benevolence Fund Appeal

benevolence fund appeal

Dear fellow servants of Jesus,

Last week we called our Free Church family to pray for communities threatened by wildfire. While our prayers are critical, and I would encourage you to continue, many of you are probably wondering if there are some financial ways that you can help those affected by the wildfires. We mentioned in last week’s blog and social media posts that the EFCC Benevolence Fund could provide that help.

The EFCC Benevolence Fund exists to help individuals in times of crisis or humanitarian need. Covid relief (especially in countries with no social nets), relief for families struggling during the war in Ukraine, and providing food and clothing for refugees are just a few of the many ways this fund has helped over the last few years. As a need arises, we can work with and assist those on the ground (typically through a missionary or pastor) in the affected area. We have been in ongoing communication with several people connected to these wildfires and anticipate hearing from others soon. We hope to be able to help them once they assess and share with us their need.

Thank you for your past support of this fund. All this help has been possible due to your generous donations to the EFCC Benevolence Fund.

As you look to help communities affected by wildfire, would you consider the EFCC Benevolence Fund as the way to do this?

To learn more about the EFCC Benevolence Fund, or to donate, go to:

Ukraine Update: Relief Efforts in Action

Thank you so much for your prayers and generous giving to the EFCC Benevolence Fund! Your prayers and financial help have made a big difference in many people’s lives in Ukraine. We praise God and thank all of you that over $177,000 has been donated to the EFCC Benevolence Emergency Relief Funds for Ukraine.

I have the opportunity to share a story about some of the ways the fund is being used to meet people’s basic needs in Ukraine. Here is a report and photos (see above) from one of our national staff in Ukraine, Pastor Yuri. He is the pastor of Kramatorsk Evangelical Free Church. He had this to share:

Hello, I am a pastor of a small church in Ukraine. The war has been very hard on people in our city and the congregation. We are located in the Donetsk region, which Russia is currently trying to take over. On a typical Sunday, we used to have 30 people attending our small church. Many people fled when the war started, knowing Russia would tartget our area. I felt the Lord calling me to stay and serve the eople. My wife and I made the difficult decision to send her and our children out of Ukraine while I remained in the area. Businesses are closed, people are without jobs and the grocery stores are empty. With help from the EFCC Benevolence Fund, we could buy groceries such as oil and bread for people who could no longer provide for themselves. Our church began to overflow, and we started to have baptisms weekly. A couple of weeks ago, our service grew from 30 to 178 people. Praise God! I appreciate your support. Our food outreach has been incredible in our city. Thanks to the EFCC Benevolence Fund.

This is one of the many stories of how God is using the Benevolence Funds in Ukraine. In some instances, the Benevolence Fund is being used to simply put groceries on someone’s table who can’t provide for themselves anymore. In another instance, gas is provided so that the family can flee the invading army. We have also seen bedding, mattresses, diapers, medicine, and tickets purchased to help refugees travel toward Western Europe.

Thank you for helping us to make a difference to those who need it in practical ways.

Ike Agawin
International Mission Director