Steve Sharpe

Missionary of Church Planting Development (Lower Pacific District)

Steve provides leadership and oversight to the church planting ministries of the LPD and serves as a resource to other districts, including the recruiting and development of a church planting team for Assessment, Basic Training and Coaching. The scope of Steve’s responsibility gives oversight to district church planting vision, policies, budgeting, procedures, goals, and strategies for district church planting activities. Steve designed, created, and implemented a LPD Residency Program that includes the leadership of the LPD Church Planter Assessment Teams; direction to all Church Planter training (both internship and formal training); and train coaches to effectively resource Church Planters.

He is currently serving the LPD in Richmond, training Church Planters to plant a church in the Steveston area; in New Westminster giving oversight to replanting a church (COAN) within the NWEFC congregation; in the CPD planting Wayside Crossing in Osoyoos; in the PD providing training and resources to create a Church Planting Leadership Team and a Pastor Peer Coaching Network for future church plants.

/ Past Training Sessions:

Disciple Making Assessment Training

Prairie District Conference | Oct 13 -15, 2022 | 3 Hours

This is an example of how Revitalize Training can be adapted for any church with their current disciple making/gospel sharing needs.

Session No. 1

How assessment creates learning outcomes and action steps.

Session No. 2

How to create a healthy environment for awareness and a learner’s mindset.

Revitalize Training Overview

Intention of this Training

            It is our goal at this training to work through the Revitalize Training tools with church leaders and congregation members, with the intention that they continue to grow in gospel-shaping and disciple-making efforts.


The full Revitalize Training is four sessions long. The sessions can be adapted to various time frames.

Presentation/Coaching Method

We feel that a specific method of presentation for this training is required to enable it being caught and lived out. So we coach. We don’t present elaborate PowerPoints. We don’t come with a manual. We don’t have six easy steps. We ask questions and facilitate people working out the concepts, in their own way, for your own church context.

Revitalize Training Sessions/Modules

We simply present one concept/tool per session

1. What is a disciple?

            We desire to help your church come to a point where they can clearly define what a disciple is and how they know they have made one. The definition will be contextual but ought to be one that each person in the church owns.

2. What is your discipleship pathway?

            We desire to see your church grapple through the various things they do, evaluating them against their definition of a disciple and seeing if they facilitate a disciple making process.

3. Creating a disciple-making culture

            We desire to see multiplication begin. We help your congregation grapple through how to get to a point where disciples make disciples.

4. Celebrating transformation

            What we value, we celebrate. If disciple making is what we value, then celebrating life transformation is important. We desire to help your church find good ways to celebrate transformation.

Coach’s Corner

The expectation of the Great Commission is to make disciples, yet it seems like we are struggling to see transformed lives in our churches today. If we are going to be the gospel-sharing people that Christ desires, how do we accomplish the goal of becoming a great commission church? In exploring how to create a church culture where disciples are transformed; we are confident you will be equipped to meet the challenge of helping people hear the voice of Jesus and follow in simple obedience.


Creating Prodigal Moments

According to Romans 12:2 transformation is the result of the renewing of the mind. In order to help your disciple transcend above and beyond a fixed pattern of behavior, the […]


Disciple making comes at a high cost

And Jesus asks us to consider the high cost of following him. How do you create a healthy awareness for your disciples to consider the high cost of discipleship? Jesus states: […]


A is for Assessment

The LPD uses an ABC approach for disciple making. A is for Assessment: generating insights or awareness that recognizes a need for development. B is for Basic training: creating the […]


B is for Basic Training

The LPD uses an ABC approach for disciple making. A is for Assessment: generating insights or awareness that recognizes a need for development. B is for Basic training: creating the […]


C is for Coaching

The evidence of making “great commission” disciples is our transformation to love one another as Jesus loved us, unconditionally and sacrificially (John 13:34-35). […]


Impact on Church Life

Creating a safe place for a dangerous message is a reality of making “great commission” disciples. The LPD coaches its church planters to have an open mindset to receive honest […]


Impact on Church Life

I was reminded this week thorough coaching conversations with LPD Church Planters that the Apostle Paul counselled the church that no amount of will power or behavioral modification [sum-schema] will […]


“Steve is an experienced and effective coach who unlocked my potential and enabled me to follow by calling to plant Hope City and also run my first marathon. I would not have been able to do either without him and his steady guidance and encouragement. He is a leader of leaders.”

“Steve was most helpful to our district in working through a church planter assessment for our church plant in Wembley.  Thereafter, we kept him on for a couple of years as a coach to the church planter and an advisor to our church plant team.  He was very cognizant of steps to follow, pitfalls to avoid, and kept forward momentum going, all within a framework of encouragement.  We would definitely utilize him again with a future church plant.”

“Steve has been a consummate champion of disciple-making and coaching in my church planting journey.  He has the unique ability to help you see the ‘real issue’ and to offer coaching that helps you navigate towards real solutions.  He is also passionate about multiplying coaching – he coaches you so that you are empowered to coach others.  Without Steve, I would have been lost in the details rather than focused on disciple-making.”

“As a district superintendent, I am a pastor to pastors and a resource to churches, church plants and their leaders. Steve complements this ministry well. As a coach, he assists and challenges leaders to grow personally, as leaders, and in recognizing and breaking through the barriers they will encounter as servant leaders and in fulfilling their mission. I recommend him and his ministry most highly.”

“I have had the privilege of being part of a coaching experience with Steve for almost 3 years (so far) as we work together on an innovative church plant in Osoyoos, under the umbrella of CPD and with strong support from LPD. Part of that support is Steve’s involvement as a coach. My main conclusion after the experience is: I wish I had this sort of coaching earlier in my ministry leadership! He is excellent at modelling the coaching role, which leans on asking the right open-ended question at the right time. The questions are sometimes supernaturally on-target, which is the “spiritual gift” side of Steve’s ministry. But Steve also teaches the “skill set” side in memorable principles, which gives confidence that good coaching is not a magic process but a rational, transferable exercise. The bonus aspect for me as a church-planter is that Steve has been directly involved in planting, so he can offer real-world, personal examples that leaven the hard dough of any project. The bonus aspect for any district or church calling on Steve is that he is able to “train the trainers” by inviting leaders to eavesdrop and practice coaching at the same time he is doing it. Multiple layers of value.”


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