Care & Development of Missionary Kids

MK’s(Missionary Kids) are MK’s because they are the offspring of parents who have chosen to give of themselves and their family for the sake of people around the world hearing the Gospel. MK’s or TCK’s (Third Culture Kids) often struggle to know where home is and where they fit in. This is a natural result because of living outside of their passport country often in boarding school situations. The project is designed to raise money to help MK’s reacclimate to their passport country and understand where and how they fit to fulfill the special role that God has given to them. Money raised through this project will be used to facilitate MK ministry in our ServeBeyond conferences and to send MK’s to “Reboot”, a program hosted by the MORE Network to help MK’s process their experiences and adjust to life in their passport country.

Casa de Mi Padre

Casa De Mi Padre is a Christian community with projects run by a church of the same name in Diriamba, Nicaragua. We are passionate about sharing the gospel and demonstrating God’s love in the local community. Missionaries Rob and Leslee Oudman oversee a Child Development Centre in the community of San Carlos and El Dulce Refugio Seniors Home in Diriamba alongside the church. As well as loving and serving children and seniors, the project also involves important church discipleship and outreach initiatives.  Our vision is a vibrant church serving its community with JOY!

Mennonite Ministry

In Bolivia and Paraguay, several ServeBeyond missionaries focus on community outreach to Low German speaking Mennonite people. These efforts take place through building relationships, gospel sharing, psycho-social education and counseling, discipleship and Bible teaching.


Global Outreach Evangelism Strategy

This international project has a primary objective of training local churches and their members, both in Canada and overseas, in the 6 Biblical Principles of a Spirit-led Harvest / Multiplication movement. Teams are recruited in Canada to travel to and partner with local churches in host countries, participating in training, visitation evangelism, and follow-up. These efforts strengthen and grow believers and churches at home and abroad.”


Mission School Education

This project provides consulting and teacher training within the Christian School movement in a variety of Latin American countries. Our staff regularly engage in consulting, training, evaluation of programming and direct counselling to improve the local educational offerings.

Mexico Development

Mexico Development focuses on building church growth as well as discipleship, education and community outreach in the cities of Mexico.

Latin America Development

This project focuses on church growth, descipleship, education and community outreach and development in Latin American countries.

La Semilla

La Semilla “The Seed” is a Nicaraguan based ministry project that promotes and teaches sustainable agriculture and focuses on training in biblical knowledge, best practice for raising children, health issues and education for rural communities.

Hacienda los Arboles Retreat Centre

This Retreat Center provides churches and youth groups to have a place out of the city where they can run events such as marriage retreats, youth events and leadership training on the property.

El Salvador Development

El Salvador Development focuses on building church growth as well as discipleship, education and community outreach in the cities of El Salvador.

El Roí Ministry Centre

El Ro-I Ministries is taken from Genesis 16:14 “the well was called Beer Lahai Roi” which means well of the Living One who sees me. This project serves the people of Tutultepeque, El Salvador through Kid’s Bible Club, Youth Bible Club, Bible studies for adults, a Church plant, teacher/tutoring projects, nutrition and sewing classes, a part-time medical clinic, bike repair shop and much more.

El Buen Samaritano Seniors Home

In Mexican culture, seniors are generally cared for by their family members; however, there are numerous cases where seniors have no family left or are abandoned. Life for seniors with no one to care for them is harsh and more often than not, these men and women end up on the streets, exposed to the elements. EL Buen Samaritano (‘The Good Samaritan’) is a 24 bed full care facility that is able to provide genuine loving care in the name of Christ to these seniors.