Willems, Jenny

Project: Give Hope

Sharing the love of Jesus and the hope we have in Him with elementary students in Asia.

Give Hope

Project: Give Hope

Sharing the love of Jesus and the hope we have in Him with elementary students in Asia.

Care & Development of Missionary Kids

MK’s(Missionary Kids) are MK’s because they are the offspring of parents who have chosen to give of themselves and their family for the sake of people around the world hearing the Gospel. MK’s or TCK’s (Third Culture Kids) often struggle to know where home is and where they fit in. This is a natural result because of living outside of their passport country often in boarding school situations. The project is designed to raise money to help MK’s reacclimate to their passport country and understand where and how they fit to fulfill the special role that God has given to them. Money raised through this project will be used to facilitate MK ministry in our ServeBeyond conferences and to send MK’s to “Reboot”, a program hosted by the MORE Network to help MK’s process their experiences and adjust to life in their passport country.

Asia Seniors Ministry

This project is a partnership with a local church, local volunteer groups and retirement home management. The goal is to enrich the lives of seniors by introducing programs and providing resources to enhance the physical, psychological and spiritual wellness of seniors in rural areas in Asia.

EFCP Ministry Partnership

This project is a partnership with the Evangelical Free Church of the Philippines, established in order to facilitate the transformation of lives by Jesus Christ and His gospel through planting and establishing churches in the Philippines and internationally. The goal is for the churches to become self-sustaining, interdependent, Christ centered, Bible based, disciple-making churches that in turn plant missional churches. The goal is to plant 200 of these churches in the Philippines, Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Global Outreach Evangelism Strategy

This international project has a primary objective of training local churches and their members, both in Canada and overseas, in the 6 Biblical Principles of a Spirit-led Harvest / Multiplication movement. Teams are recruited in Canada to travel to and partner with local churches in host countries, participating in training, visitation evangelism, and follow-up. These efforts strengthen and grow believers and churches at home and abroad.”


Agawin, Ike & Trudy

Projects: Home Office Staff | EFCP Ministry Partnership

Several positions at the Home Office are required to raise partial support for their roles. All of these positions are at a Director or Manager level; working both with International Missions and the National ministries. Join their support team and receive regular updates by donating below!

Victory Church

Victory Church in Hong Kong reaches a segment of society that is heavily influenced by gang culture and criminal activity. Our project assists with their annual evangelistic banquet where relationships are built and the gospel is clearly proclaimed.

Tokyo Multicultural Church

TMC is a church that celebrates the cultural diversity of the world’s largest mega-city by worshiping and obeying Jesus in a warm and welcoming multicultural setting. Their desire is to eventually have multiple language-specific departments (English, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin and/or Cantonese), Tagalog, Portuguese, etc.). Both short and long-term workers are welcomed to work with TMC as they reach out to the many nations represented in Tokyo.

Medicare Resources

The Medicare Resources project provides medical aid, disaster relief, and educational help to the poor in China. It assists a local bible school that serves the Lisu tribal people, in the Yunnan province, by helping purchase bookshelves, desks, and other furniture for their new library.

Beautiful Feet Ministries

Beautiful Feet Ministries supports the growth of the local church through teaching Bible in the church and a student hostel, sponsoring the tuition of under-priviledged teenage girls, as well as teaching English to all ages from preschool age children to adults. In this way we seek to build relationships and share the gospel, and partner with the local church in discipleship, outreach and compassion ministries.

FEAL [EFC Lebanon]

The Oasis program serves the refugee community and introduces them to Jesus. FEAL provides ongoing assistance to displaced families in Syria.