terry kaufmanGrowing Leaders is the focus of our expressions of our core value of “culturally sensitive servant leaders.” It is also one of our three key priorities in fulfilment of our mission to become a growing network of believers and churches united around the EFCC ethos, empowered to carry out the Great Commandment and Great Commission in Canada and around the world.

We grow leaders by identifying, affirming, developing, and equipping people with leadership capacity within our movement. We have initiated several leadership development strategies to help people find and develop their potential.

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EFCC Leadership Training Vignettes

EFCC Leadership Training

This portable training operation comes to you! We have several modules covering topics like culture, spiritual formation, team tools and EFCC theology. This training is provided through a hybrid delivery model of video, online interaction, and live training.

Pastor Vitality Network

We have been developing the concept that every pastor would have mentor, would be a mentor, and would have a peer relationship. This is a great way to nurture mutual growth throughout the EFCC.

Theological (Leadership) Training:

Growing leaders are learning leaders. We provide leadership development sessions at special events like our annual conferences (Theological Conference on the odd years, and EFCC Conference on the even years).

Leadership and Team Resourcing:

We have a host of resources available for our churches to make them strong and more resilient. Direct consulting for church boards and leadership teams is available for things like vision casting, strategic planning, church health assessment, etc.

Marketplace Ministry:

We recognise that Christian Leadership is not just about leaders working within a church context, but also godly leaders serving in the marketplace, professional environments, and their communities.

Young Eagles Initiative:

We want to validate younger leaders, and help them in any way to continue on their path of leadership. Churches are a great venue for providing leadership experience. We are also investing in the cohort of people leading youth ministries in churches across Canada.

Being a godly Christian Leader in any environment is not about having a certain personality type, rather it is about God’s calling and equipping. 

“Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.” (Jer 3:15)