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Joel Chiri

Mission Field: Paraguay
Category: Global Professional Apprentice
Mennonite Ministry

Personal Journey | Joel was born in Illinois, USA and Ingrid (deceased) in Filadelfia, Chaco, Paraguay. After both living in Canada for many years, they met online and have been married for 20 years. Joel pioneered several churches in British Columbia and pastored for 50 years. Not believing in retirement from the Lord’s service they began looking for another way to serve the Kingdom. Ingrid has always been passionate about serving as a missionary to the locals in Paraguay, and Joel found he grew to love the country and the people in their many visits to the country. They saw a need for Gospel outreach to the various people groups they met there: German Mennonite, Paraguayan and Guarani. After much prayer they followed the call to go to Paraguay.

Current Ministry | Joel and Ingrid travelled to Paraguay in 2020 and partnered with Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Christmas Child to reach out to 50 of the Chaco’s poorest children. They are continuing their partnership with OCC in their outreach to many more children in Chaco. They also help various small churches with outreach in the area with Bibles and Christian material in Spanish. There is almost no Christian material available in Spanish in Paraguay. The Chaco is a large semi-arid region that covers all central Paraguay, and segments of Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. The Guarani people first called it the ‘Gran Chaco.’