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Ike & Trudy Agawin

Position: ServeBeyond Director
Home Office Staff | EFCP Ministry Partnership

Personal Journey | Ike and Trudy have been involved in missions since 1985. They have served with Action International Ministries, Operation Mobilization and WEC International in various leadership capacities in Asia and Latin America. Previously, Ike and Trudy served as Directors of Gateway Missionary Training Centre, providing leadership and training missionaries from across the globe. Before joining EFCC, Ike was pastoring a multicultural church in Burnaby.

Current Ministry | Ike joined EFCC in September 2019. He served as the Manager of Personnel and Projects. Ike was appointed as the ServeBeyond (formerly EFCCM) Director in January 2022. Ike is responsible for providing leadership direction, oversight, and support to all ServeBeyond ministries to facilitate the implementation of the vision and the fulfillment of the mission of the EFCC.

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