Coronation EFC Alberta Fire

coronation efc fire

Dear EFCC Family,

You may have heard about the recent fire that, sadly, has consumed the building of a member in our EFCC family: Coronation EFC in Coronation, Alberta. Below is a message we received the day after from APD District Superintendent Marvin Penner. He has invited us to share it with all of you:

I thought that in the interest of having accurate information I would let you know what is known at this point. Things may change as more information becomes available.

On Tuesday, September 5, 2023 around noon, the Evangelical Free Church in Coronation burned down. Arson is suspected and the police have a suspect in custody. The following message is from Pastor Clayton Grice:

No doubt many have heard about our fire at the Coronation Evangelical Free Church. We are saddened by the loss, and yet, we know the building isn’t the church. Each person who belongs to Jesus is!

Please pray:

  1. For our unity and for wisdom to know what the next steps are.
  2. For the fire investigators and the RCMP as they continue their work. Pray that the truth will be brought to light, and it will be clear what started the fire.
  3. Pray for our community, that gossip and storytelling will not cloud the truth.
  4. Pray for the young man in custody. Pray for his protection, and for his health, and for his spiritual care. “

Thank you for your prayers for Coronation,

Marvin Penner

Alberta Parkland District Superintendent

We encourage you to join us in prayer for Coronation EFC and the requests that Pastor Clayton has shared. If you would like to find out other ways to help or connect, please contact District Superintendent Marvin Penner: